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Prof. Saraswathi Vishveshwara Laboratory

Molecular Biophysics Unit, IISc, Bangalore, India

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Publications from SV Lab




    • Modeling of angiogenin - 3-NMP complex.
      J Biomol Struct Dyn.1998 Dec;16(3):715-22.
      Madhusudhan MS, Vishveshwara S.

    • The role of Lysine-41 in Rnase A Catalysis- A quantum chemical study on the active site-l igand complex
      Journal of Molecular Structure471, 1-11 (1998)
      S. Vishveshwara, R. Jacob, G. Nadig and J. V. Maizel

    • Structure based design of model proteins
      Proteins: Structure Function and Genetics31,10-20 (1998).
      J.R. Banavar, M. Cieplak, A. Maritan, G. Nadig and S. Vishveshwara


    • Effects of substrate binding on the dynamics of RNase A: Molecular dynamics simulations of UpA bound and native RNase A
      Biopolymers42, 505-520 (1997)
      Gautham Nadig and Saraswathi Vishveshwara

    • Protein Dynamics: Molecular simulations of RNase A and related proteins
      Indian Ins titute of Science Journal77, 327-338 (1997).
      G.Nadig, R.Varadarajan and Vishveshwara S

    • Design of rapidly folding protein-like heteropolymer chains and their cell dynamics: A l attice model study
      Indian Institute of Science Journal77, 339-352 (1997).
      Sarasw athi Vishveshwara, Indira Shrivastava, Marek Cieplak and Jayanth R Banavar

    • Determinants of Backbone packing in Globular Proteins: An Analysis of Spatial Neighbours
      Acta CrystallographicaD53, 627-637 (1997).
      S K Panjikar, Margaret Biswas and Saraswathi Vishveshwara


    • Cell Dynamics of Model Proteins.
      Phys Rev Lett.1996 Oct 21;77(17):3681-3684.
      Cieplak M, Vishveshwara S, Banavar JR.

    • Dynamics of Ribonuclease A and Ribonuclease S: Computational and experimental studies
      Protein Science.5, 2104-2114 (1996).
      G Nadig, GS Rathnaparki, R.Varadarajan and S Vishveshwara

    • Stability of Trans-membrane helices: A molecular dynamics study on the isolated helices of Bacteriorhodopsin
      Biopolymers38, 401-421 (1996)
      Lakshmanan K Iyer and Saraswathi Vishveshwara

    • Threonine mutations in proline helix II of bacteriorhodopsin: A molecular dynamics study
      Journal of Molecular Structure (TheoChem)361, 269-281 (1996)
      Lakshmanan.K.Iyer and Saraswathi Vishveshwara

    • Conformational Study of Valinomycin_A Molecular Dynamics Approach
      Biophysical Chemistry57, 163-175 (1996)
      S. Shobana and Saraswathi Vishveshwara

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