Research Interests

We are interested both in a basic understanding of protein packing, folding and stability as well as application of this knowledge to address biologically relevant problems. Techniques used include basic molecular biology, spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, calorimetry and the development of simple computational procedures for analyses of protein structure and stability. The experimental systems include the following: RNase S (a protein:peptide complex), E.coli thioredoxin, chaperone SecB, Maltose Binding Protein (MBP), CcdB, Gal4 , HIV-1 gp120 and influenza HA.

Current areas of focus include:

·         Model systems to study protein stability and folding

·         Understanding the molecular basis of the Temperature-sensitive phenotype

·         Computational studies of protein packing and stability

·         HIV-1 immunogen design

·         Influenza immunogen design