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Prof. P. Balaram
Molecular Biophysics Unit
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore-560012, India

Prof. P. Balaram graduated in Chemistry from Pune University, Pune (1967), and he
joined the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur for his Masters in Chemistry (1969).
He did his Ph.D from Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh (1972) and underwent
Post-Doctoral training at the Department of Chemistry in Harvard University, U.S.A

Number of publications: 402
Includes 4 Book chapters

Positions held Director, Indian Institute of Science 2005-
Chairman, Division of Biological Sciences 2000-2005
(Indian Institute of Science)
Chairman, Molecular Biophysics Unit 1995-2000
(Indian Institute of Science)
Astra Professor of Biological Sciences 1997-2000
Professor, Indian Institute of Science 1986-
Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Science 1982-1985
Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Science 1977-1982
Lecturer, Indian Institute of Science 1973-1977

Present Editorships/Editorial Board Memberships .
Current Science, Editor 1995-Continuing
Chem Biochem: A European Journal of Chemical Biology 2000- (Editorial Advisory Board)
Biopolymers (Peptide Science) 2004
Protein Engineering, Design and Selection 2004

Past Editorships/Editorial Board Memberships .
Journal of Peptide Research 1997
Journal of Peptide Research 1997
Indian Journal of Chemistry Section B. 1985-1991
Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics 1989-1991
Current Science, Editorial Committee 1991-1994
Proceedings, Indian National Science Academy, Section B. 1985-1990
Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Chemical Sciences 1980-1983
Associate Editor, Indian Journal of Chemical Education 1977-1982

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