Research Interests

1. Structure, sugar specificity and multi-valency of lectins


Legume lectins

Peanut lectin

Winged bean lectins

b-Prism fold I lectins

 Jacalin from jackfruit seeds
Artocarpin from jackfruit seeds
Banana lectin


b-Prism fold II lectins                    b-Trefoil fold lectins

Garlic lectin                                                        Snake gourd lectin


2. Structural biology of mycobacterial proteins


Recombination and Repair

RecA from M. tuberculosis and M. smegmatis


Single-stranded DNA binding protein from  M. tuberculosis,     Uracil DNA glycosylase from                          M. leprae and M. smegmatis                                           M. tuberculosis


Protein Synthesis

Ribosome recycling factor from M.tuberculosis      Peptidyl-tRNA hydrolase from M.tuberculosis

CoA synthesis

Pantothenate kinase from M. tuberculosis

Stringent response

  Dps-1 from M. Smegmatis              Dps-2 from M. Smegmatis



3. Hydration, plasticity and action of proteins


Ribonuclease A


b-Lactoglobulin and their low humidity variants


4. Supramolecular association and their implications to chemical evolution and origin of life

Crystalline complexes involving L-,D- and DL- amino acids and peptides, among themselves, and with carboxylic acids.

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