Elements of Structural Biology

Reference books

Kensal, E. Van Holde et al., Principles of Physical Biochemistry (Second Edition)

Pearson Education International.

Cantor, C.R., and Schimmel  P.R., Biophysical Chemistry, Vols. I-III, W.H. Freeman and Co., San Francisco, USA, 1980

Research papers and reviews.


Suggested pre-requisite:

Physics/ Chemistry/ Mathematics at Bachelor`s degree level


Course Schedule (January - April)




General introduction, review of quantum chemistry


Introduction to spectroscopic techniques


Absorption spectroscopy


Circular Dichroism


Fluorescence, anisotropy


Chromatographic methods


Ultra centrifugation methods


Hydrodynamic techniques, dynamic light scattering


Methods to measure protein-ligand interactions, ITC, DSC


Mass spectrometry


Crystallography basics


Space group assignments and ambiguities


Strategies in MR


MIR methods


MAD / SAD techniques


Electron density interpretation


Density modification techniques


X-Ray fiber diffraction


Solution X Ray scattering


Introductory Electron microscopy





































Suggested topics for presentations:

1. Peptide sequencing using mass spectrometry

2. Experimental methods for protein-ligand interactions

3. Protein Dynamics as probed by NMR methods

4. Characterization of ion channels

5. Features of membrane proteins: structural aspects and protein chemistry

6. Fitting high resolution models in low resolution EM maps

MB 303 (JAN) 3:0