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Advanced Center For Cryo-Electron Microscopy Facility

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Research Projects

  1. High quality high-resolution cryo-EM data collection and cryo-EM grid preparation are performed using Talos Arctica at 200kV using K2
    DED. Any kind of biological sample, like purified homogeneous protein samples, DNA-protein complexes, RNA-protein complexes,
    viruses and virus-like particles are imaged using cryo-EM.
  2. A wide range of biological samples (Molecular weight from 100-kDa to 100-MDa) are imaged using the Talos Arctica cryo-TEM. At this moment, we don’t recommend to image any biological sample, which is less than 100-KDa. It is better to try X-ray crystallography if molecular weight of biological sample is less than 100-kDa.
  3. Initially, any biological sample will be visualized by room temperature TEM. Sample will be processed for cryo-EM, if sample is monodispersed and homogeneous. Therefore, no cryo-EM request will
    be entertained without proper RT TEM data.
  4. We don’t image any blood sample or lipid vesicles directly isolated from blood sample. Also, we don’t perform any image acquisition of whole bacterial cells, and tissue samples.
  5. We don’t image gold-particle or silver particles using cryo-TEM.
  6. We don’t image any plant sample, Dairy Products and food samples using cryo-TEM.